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CNRS Senior Researcher,
DMA, team Algebra and Geometry.

École Normale Supérieure,
45, rue d'Ulm,
75230 Paris Cedex, France

Email : gaetan.c h e n e v i e
Office : T11 ("under the roof")
Phone : (+33) 01 44 32 31 24

Short CV.

Research :

Number Theory, Automorphic Forms, Galois Representations, Quadratic Forms.


Conferences and Talks

Grant : ANR-19-CE40-0015-02 (COLOSS).

Lecture Notes :

- Théorème de la progression arithmétique et angles des premiers de Gauss, two lectures for the harmonic analysis week, 20p. (3h, French, 09/2022).
- Algèbre I, L3 course at École Normale Supérieure (2023/2024).
- Théorie algébrique des nombres, master 1 course at École Polytechnique, 209 p. (36h, French, 2010-2019).
- Introduction aux formes automorphes et aux conjectures de Langlands, master 2 course in Orsay, 138 p. (21h, French, 02-04/2017)
- Introduction aux formes modulaires, mini-course at ENS Paris, 16 p. (4h, French, 03/2015).
- Modular forms of classical groups and even unimodular lattices, Harvard special lecture series, 18 p. (4h30, 01/2015)
- Formes automorphes et groupe de Galois absolu de Q (with Laurent Clozel), mini-course journées Louis Antoine, 51 p. (6h, French, 10/2010)
- The infinite fern and families of quaternionic modular forms, IHP semester master 2 course (16h, 01-03/2010)
- Sur la fonction zeta des courbes modulaires, study group at École Polytechnique, in French (2008-2009).
- Variétés de Hecke des groupes unitaires et représentations galoisiennes, cours Peccot du Collège de France, in French (8h, 03-04/2008).

Ph. D. Students:

Y. Shan (2022-), G. Lachaussée (2017-2020), T. Mégarbané (2013-2016), O. Taïbi (2011-2014), G. Dospinescu (2010-2012, supervised with P. Colmez).

Editorial Boards :

- (2016-) Editor for I.M.R.N.

- (2016-2021) Editor for the Annales Sci. de l'E.N.S.
Since September 2021 I am not anymore an editor for ASENS.

Miscellaneous :

- (NEW) Conference Modular Forms, L-functions and Eigenvarieties, in memoriam of Joël Bellaïche (ENS Paris, June 18-21 2024).
Organized with John Bergdall, Pierre Charollois, Samit Dasgupta, Mladen Dimitrov and Anna Medvedovsky .
- (NEW) Conference Moduli Spaces and Modular Forms (Schiermonnikoog, April 14-19 2024)
Organized with Gavril Farkas and Gerard van der Geer.
- Oberwolfach workshop Automorphic Forms, Geometry and Arithmetic (22-28 August 2021)
Organized with Tasho Kaletha, Stephen Kudla and Sophie Morel.
- My book with Lannes Automorphic Forms and Even Unimodular Lattices is now available for sale and translated in english! (02/2019).
- Mini-Course in Orsay ``On the refined Arthur-Langlands conjectures'', by Tasho Kaletha (06/2017).
- Conference Géométrie arithmétique, théorie des représentations et applications (CIRM, Luminy 22-26 June 2015)
Organized with A. Abbes, C. Breuil and T. Saito.

Links :

- The website number theory web (tables, conferences, ArXiV.NT, Pari).
- Mathscinet, arXiv.
- Some seminars of the Paris area : SAGA, GRFA, SGA, STNJ.