Lectures on "Eigenvarieties for definite unitary groups"

Eigenvarieties semester, Harvard university, March-April 2006.

  • For some abstracts, see the relevant part of this program (pages 3-4), and also Chung Pang Mok's newsletter.

  • The schedule.

  • Lecture 1 (March 6), (phi,Gamma)-modules over the Robba ring.
  • Lecture 2 (March 13), The trianguline deformation functor of a refined crystalline representation (joint work with J. Bellaiche, see chap. 2 of [2]).
  • Lecture 3 (March 22), A p-adic interpolation of the algebraic representations of the Iwahori subgroups (see [1]).
  • Lecture 4 (March 24), Eigenvarieties for definite unitary groups (see [1]).
  • Lecture 5 (April 5), Residually multiplicity free pseudocharacters (joint work with J. Bellaiche, see chap. 1 of [2]).
  • Lecture 6 (April 7), Trianguline properties of the family of Galois representations on eigenvarieties (joint work with J. Bellaiche, see chap. 3, 4 of [2]).
  • Lecture 7 (April 27), Eigenvarieties at non tempered points and Selmer groups (joint work with J. Bellaiche).

    Some references for proofs of the statements given in the talks (but see also the abstract above).
    [1]. Chenevier G., Familles p-adiques de formes automorphes pour GL(n) Journal fur die reine und angewandte Mathematik 570, 143-217 (2004).
    [2]. Bellaiche J., Chenevier G., p-adic families of Galois representations and higher rank Selmer groups. ArXiv math.NT/0602340