GaŽtan Chenevier   CNRS   AGA   CMLS   ANR

CNRS researcher,
Part-time professor at the École polytechnique,
Member of the mathematics department of Université Paris-Sud.
Université Paris-Sud
Institut de Mathématique d'Orsay
Bâtiment 307
91405 Orsay Cedex, France

Courriel : gaetan.c h e n e v i e
Bureau : 3J20
Téléphone : 01 69 15 79 52

Version francaise, CV.

Research interests :

Automorphic forms, Galois representations, arithmetic geometry.


Talks and conferences

Grant : ANR Projet ANR-14-CE25 (PerCoLaTor).
Member of GDR Lie.

Miscellaneous :

- (October 2016) Third version of my memoir with Jean Lannes: Formes automorphes et réseaux unimodulaires paires (English preface and introduction, some related PARI programs).
- Harvard special lecture series Modular forms of classical groups and even unimodular lattices.
- The memoir for my habilitation thesis (defended on March 29 (2013)).
- The homepage of level one algebraic cusp forms of classical groups (July 2012, joint with D. Renard).
- My algebraic number theory course MAT552.
- A homepage about Niemeier lattices (July 2011, joint with J. Lannes),
- Some lecture notes of my short course "Formes automorphes et groupe de Galois absolu de Q" (with Laurent Clozel, October 2010, Rennes, journées Louis-Antoine),
- Some lecture notes about the infinite fern and families of quaternionic modular forms (Galois trimester, Jannuary-March 2010),
- Some notes of a study group about the zeta function of modular curves (2008-2009),
- My cours Peccot (march-april 2008).